The Housing Funders Networking Group offers members the opportunity to interact and connect with other Virginia funders investing in housing and related services in the Commonwealth. Through the Networking Group, members learn, share experiences, build community, create partnerships, and, where appropriate, advocate for policy solutions.

Purpose Statement

The Housing Funders Networking Group promotes educating and engaging VFN members around the current Virginia housing landscape and the continuum of housing-related issues including homelessness, access to affordable housing, and housing development. 


The goals of the Housing Funders Networking Group are to:

  • Learn, grow, and network around issues along the housing continuum, including homelessness, affordable housing, and housing policy. 
  • Offer opportunities for members to exchange resources and innovative strategies, and develop partnerships.
  • Offer learning sessions for members around state initiatives related to the housing continuum.
  • Encourage members to move toward action through advocacy, capacity building, and coordinated funding.


The Housing Funders Networking Group is co-chaired by:

Susan Hallett | Community Investment Consultant to the Bob & Anna Lou Schaberg Fund

Caroline Nowery | Director of Investor Relations, Virginia Community Capital

Upcoming Events

For a full list of events, please visit our events calendar.

Our other Networking Groups include:

To learn more about Networking Groups, contact Patte Koval, Director, Member Networking & Learning.