The Social Justice Funders Networking Group offers members the opportunity to come together to explore key issues across social, political, racial, and economic landscapes in the Commonwealth. Through the Networking Group, members engage in shared learning, build community, and apply an equity lens to emerging issues in philanthropy and those of our grantee partners. The group prioritizes understanding the impact of intersectional social justice in Virginia, exploring the advocacy landscape to see where philanthropy can better support policy efforts.

Purpose Statement

The Social Justice Funders Networking Group explores the multitude of social justice issues impacting Virginians and finds the places where philanthropy can promote justice, create impact, and change the narrative within our sector to be more equitable and inclusive. 


The goals of the Social Justice Funders Networking Group are to:

  • Learn, grow, and network around issues in social justice specific to the Commonwealth.
  • Explore racial justice outcomes from the General Assembly and how they impact philanthropy.
  • Build on the moment of partner, grassroots, and policy organizations to make change in Virginia.
  • Move toward action through advocacy driven by learning and engagement opportunities.


The Social Justice Funders Networking Group is co-chaired by:

Stephanie Glenn | Community Foundation for a greater Richmond

Christopher Cuevas | Laughing Gull Foundation

Upcoming Events

For a full list of events, please visit our events calendar.

To learn more about Networking Groups, contact Patte Koval, Director, Member Networking & Learning.