The Virginia Funders Network enhances the effectiveness of our members’ work through networking, collaboration, learning, and leverage while embracing the uniqueness of each VFN member through the following seven components

Connect with the largest community of philanthropic funders investing in Virginia. You’ll join a diverse and creative group of philanthropy professionals dedicated to improving quality of life in the Commonwealth. Our experienced staff members intentionally weave the network, connecting members with each other as well as with local and national thought leaders and resources.

Learn from your philanthropy peers, issue experts, and community and state leaders. VFN hosts dozens of learning and networking opportunities each year and curates and shares stories and information that elevate our members’ understanding of the Commonwealth’s most pressing needs, timely opportunities, and exciting philanthropic practices. Stay up-to-date on what’s happening in Richmond that is affecting your local community. Hear what’s working and what’s not in communities across the state, and discover innovative philanthropic solutions to bring back to your own work.

Collaborate with your fellow funders and work together to affect positive change in the communities and issues areas you care about most. VFN hosts a variety of Networking Groups to support our members’ connection, learning, and collaboration around particular issue areas. Compare notes, align your giving, pool your resources, and/or form new partnerships to achieve elevated levels of impact.

Leverage your funding and help attract new philanthropic investments to the Commonwealth and the issues you care about. As the statewide network for Virginia’s philanthropic community, VFN is the go-to partner for national funders seeking to invest in the Commonwealth. Through VFN, national funders connect with local philanthropy leaders to inform their funding decisions and work together on shared interests and objectives.

Advocate for the issues philanthropy cares about most. Each year, VFN hosts opportunities for members to meet with and hear from elected officials, policy makers, and state leaders to help you and your colleagues understand legislative action, unpack policy agendas, and, where appropriate, advocate for policy solutions. With more than 100 member organizations collectively investing hundreds of millions of dollars each year into the Commonwealth, VFN serves as a powerful voice for social change

Lead and help drive VFN’s vision, mission, and programming as an Advisory Board member, Networking Group co-chair, Annual Conference Committee member, speaker, panelist, event moderator, and more. VFN offers dozens of leadership and professional development opportunities. Get engaged and shape the future of the organization!

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RMHF understands that by working with partners in our community, we can accomplish so much more. The VFN provides the opportunity to expand our partnerships statewide and beyond, and we could not be more excited.

Mark Constantine

President & CEO
Richmond Memorial Health Foundation

Mark Constantine