The Virginia Funders Network is a vibrant network comprising nearly 120 philanthropic organizations working to improve the quality of life in the Commonwealth. With more members joining and contributing to this network each year, the Virginia philanthropic community continues to grow and deepen its connections, collaborations, and effectiveness.

Membership Qualifications

Membership in the Virginia Funders Network runs on a calendar year and is open to any funder who makes grants for charitable, religious, educational, or scientific purposes in support of the residents of the Commonwealth. 

To join the VFN, members must be:

  • Grantmaking organizations that:
    • Make grants to multiple organizations in Virginia and that are open to new grantee partners.
    • Affirm that their core interest in joining VFN is to inform and improve their own grantmaking through networking, collaboration, learning, and leverage.
  • Philanthropic advisors and/or consultants who provide services in support of grantmaking organizations as a majority of their business.


There are so many reasons to join VFN! Click here to learn more.

Membership in VFN covers all of an organization’s trustees, staff, and consultants, excluding fundraising and development professionals. By joining VFN, members have the opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate with the largest community of philanthropic funders investing in Virginia.

Members in the network:

  • are eligible to participate in all of VFN’s programming, events, and Networking Groups
  • have access to our searchable online member directory and funders-only email listservs
  • can share news and job postings in our newsletter, website, and various communications
  • are eligible for Advisory Board service and various volunteer leadership roles
  • and so much more! 


The minimum annual membership investment is $1,000, though nearly half of VFN’s members invest in the organization at higher levels, often with multi-year commitments, to support our work, mission, and capacity. Click here for a list of our supporters.

Value & Benefits

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